We know you work hard to gain customers. But it’s time to talk about retention

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A solution built on Salesforce
but not just for Salesforce

SmartMeasures is a new way to get insight into the health of your whole customer base by applying AI to the problem of customer churn.

Retention Score… its a thing

Know when your customers are going to churn before they do. Retention scores are made up of a mixture of data and engagement events that reflect your customers experience.

Customer health at a glance

Break down the silos. Link disparate signals about your customer's experiences into a consolidated dashboard. Keep an eye on your ‘at risk’ customers through real time health assessment of your whole customer base.

Treat the potential churners

SmartMeasures listens real-time to customer interactions to detect churn risk and automatically trigger alerts and treatment plans to save customers from leaving.

Applying AI to the problem of customer churn

SmartMeasures listens and learns about your customers using data from inside and outside Salesforce. Discover behaviour and trends that surprise you.

What makes up a Retention Score?

A Retention Score is calculated by using the information your business already has to inform and assess the health of individual customers. This gives you new insights about who is at risk and who is happy.

Real time triggers to treat customer churn

Because SmartMeasures is constantly assessing your customers interactions, alerts and treatment plans are automatically triggered so you can get in touch before it's too late.

Keep a pulse on your customers happiness

Customers tell us everything we need to know to improve their experience, we just need the tools to listen. Sometimes we know we've done the wrong thing, but what's the cumulative effect on individual customers? We track that too.

Our plans


$2,000 a month
Billed annually


  • 6 pre-built measures to get you going
  • add up to 6 custom measures to suit your business
  • Up to 5,000 customers
  • Unlimited seats

Quick and easy setup out of the box!



  • 6 pre-built measures to get you going
  • Unlimited custom measures
  • Data sources from across your silos
  • Up to 10,000 customers
  • Unlimited seats

consulting pilot available



  • Deep learning AI to discover what you don't know
  • Custom treatment logic
  • Integrated workflows
  • Unlimited measures
  • Unlimited customers
  • Unlimited seats

consulting pilot available

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